Sales & Distribution
Order Management and processing through omnichannel

Sales & Distribution
From lead to customer
  • Improving relations with customer and finding new prospective customers.
  • Coordinate and manage interactions with customers.
  • Collecting, organizing and managing from lead to quote.
Order Management
  • Easy maintenance of orders and improved productivity.
  • Eliminates operational redundancy and streamlined data consolidation.
  • Central entry point provides single source of truth. 
Integration with finance
  • Alert and reminders on customer payments.
  • Transparency of order to cash management process.
Inventory Management
Simplified Inventory Management

For entire logistics process
  • Streamline material flow between locations and increase transparency across the entire logistics process.
  • Stock transfers across different sites.
  • Enables efficient processing of inventory adjustments.
Stock management
  • Transparent view of outstanding stock transfers and stock-in-transit.
  • Real time inventory KPIs and stock overview report.
  • Slow and Non-moving materials.
Orchestrating the goods movements
  • High throughput of goods movements.
  • Seamless integration with inbound and outbound logistics.
Inventory Management
Project Management
Project Management with intensive capabilities

Project Management
With projects
  • Project manager can use Intuitive self-service creation to create and plan projects seamlessly.
  • Capture and billing of time and expenses is faster and real time.
Projects forecast and profitability
  • Always stay up to date with latest transactional information.
  • Proactive alerts to drive direct action.
  • Perform cross-project analysis and easily identify profitable customers and projects.
Accelerated processing and closing
  • Integration with sales and procurement accelerates cash receipt and vendor payment.
  • Task management to identify and resolve issues.
Sourcing and Procurement
Single platform to source and procure

From request to invoice
  • Self service requisitioning process to manage everyday purchases.
  • Standardize purchase with suppliers with procurement contracts.
  • Tight integration with accounts payable to track payments.
Streamlined sourcing
  • Request for quotations and evaluations to determine best suppliers.
  • Approval process for purchase orders.
  • Embedded analytics improves decision making and execution.
Integration with finance
  • Alert and reminders on vendor payments.
  • Manage employee expenses with expense tracker application.
Sourcing and Procurement
Core Finance
Efficient financial operations

Core Finance
From record to report
  • Record account receivables and payables with efficient billing process
  • Instantly create invoices and send them with just a click. No need to print them.
  • Business intelligence feature to navigate through all your companies data
Integration to business processes
  • Tightly integrated with sales, purchase and inventory modules
  • Accounting in real time with detailed financial figures. Support of multi company and multi currencies.
  • Slow and Non-moving materials
Financial reporting
  • Wide range of financial reports in real time
  • Reports range from basic accounting reports to advanced management reports
Digital operations for manufacturing

For plan to product
  • Use make-to-order rules, minimum stock rules or the master production schedule to automate procurements.
  • MRP, Routings, Quality and Maintenance integrated.
Integration to business processes
  • Quality control points and quality alerts.
  • Automatic procurement fulfillment requests to maintain correct inventory levels.
  • Preventive maintenance requests to act quickly and correct problems.
Reporting and KPIs
  • Monitor and Control your productivity with real-time equipment efficiency reports
  • Dynamic reports on costing to traceability, performance analysis, equipment efficiencies to help you make smarter decisions