We provide comprehensive all-in-one supply chain solution, flexible and adaptable for all industries. We offer various solution to automate your inventory which includes self-service machines / vending machines for industrial consumables with integrated organization governance, self-service kiosks / catalog portals to search and find required products.
Aeprocurex Industrial Vending machine
Aeprocurex Industrial Vending machine
Aeprocurex Sourcing Pvt.Ltd provides the most updated industrial vending machine to the companies,as manual MROs(Maintenance,Repair,Operations) are both cost and space consuming,full of headache and labors depended.But Aeprocurex provides the vending machine that is customized tailored mad functioned to the unique requirement of the industrial environment.The machine works very fast and smooth.It can be accessed 24*7 and complete vending job within a matter of seconds.One of the most important characteristics of this machine is it's secure process to maintain the inventory section of a company.This machine can set a limit of accessing items by employees and its reporting websites track every transaction details through employee's ID's /Job No./by any means that a company wants. Aeprocurex supply this headache free system as authority don,t need to give the extra attention to the inventory section. When the stocks of this vending machine falls bellow the minimum level automatically machine notifies user about it,and user need to login to software and have to place the order to refill the stock and Aeprocurex has it's own IT team to track that request and by immediate effect request will be resolved. This machine also keeps an update of accountability as invoice will be generated for every transaction of item.Companies or organisations won't find any cost-effective and efficient vending machine ever that Aeprocurex supplies.It also eliminates the need of repackaging while returning items and reduce the usage of shop supplies. The most important characteristic Aeprocurex offers through this machine is it's user friendliness.
Benefits Through Machine

Free Installation
Free Training
24*7 Software Support
Auto Reporting
Vending ready product packaging
Item distribution
Machine Replenishment
Product Optimization
Aeprocurex always believes itself as a one-stop-shop for all industrial
consumables and our USP is "We are the clinical adviser of your inventory optimization.