About Aeprocurex
Aeprocurex is a Bangalore based one-stop-shop for all Industrial Consumables.
Our sales network spread across all regions of India. Well-experienced team of Sourcing and Supply chain management in Industrial Consumables. Customer Satisfaction is our Aim through on-time delivery fulfillment, Direct and Indirect Cost reduction, Vendor consolidation.
What We Do?

  • . Aeprocurex is an Industrial Consumables Supplier, Multi Brand, Multi-Category Integrator with a traditional transaction model for Industrial consumables across most industry verticals. ( Automotive, Metalworking, Pharmaceuticals, Aerospace, Defence, Food Processing)
  • . We offer products in the following categories
    • . Personnel Protection Equipment (PPE) Head/Hand/Body and Foot Protection.
    • . Machine Spare Parts(Bearings, V Belts, Electricals, Electronics, Motors, Gearbox, Hydraulics & Pneumatics)
    • . Electrical & Electronics spares & consumables.
    • . Hand Tools, Power Tools, Cutting Tools & Abrasives Testing and Measuring Instruments.
    • . Packaging consumables.
    • . Fasteners
    • . Welding Consumables
    • . Cleaning & Janitorial
  • . Aeprocurex receives the customer orders and fulfills them directly.
  • . We also offer value-added services to simplify & enhance the Industrial consumables sourcing process.
Key Features

Supply Base Optimization and procurement expertise
Less complex Sourcing
Stringent “Aeprocurex Assure” vendor qualification process
Billing directly by Aeprocurex
Efficient supply chain design
Transparent pricing & transactions
Simple return policy for hassle free user experience
How are our
customers benefited
Reduce transactions & Vendor management activities - Improve Productivity. Aeprocurex vendor aggregation model helps our customers Supplier Base Optimization and Consolidated transactions. This reduces not only the number of transactions, but also the administrative workload, time and effort in Multiple vendor Qualification, On-boarding, Negotiation, Releasing PO’s, Follow-ups for Delivery, GRN and Payment release.

What We Achieved

Our Achievements
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